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Committee Jobs

Our ICP Families play an essential role by each selecting an annual job which aligns with their interests and supports our school, teachers and students. 

Grocery Store Worker

Buyer/Stocker (1 position)

At the beginning of each month, the Buyer will need to make a shopping trip to purchase needed school supplies.

It is essential for the smooth running of the classroom that these supplies are kept in stock.

This person is responsible for checking that supplies (i.e., paint/paper towels/garbage bags) are kept stocked under the mailboxes in the plastic boxes as well as making sure that drinking cups for daily snack use are kept to stock.


*This person MUST have a Costco card.

Grocery Store Worker
Crown Cake
Crown Cake

Crown Sewer (1 Position)

The Crown Sewer will be in charge of sewing all the crowns for the children’s birthdays throughout the year. The Teachers recognize each child on or near their birthday and it is a fun ICP tradition. This person will be responsible for sewing one felt birthday crown for each ICP child plus 20 extras for the Pre-K Moving On Ceremony at the end of the year. The crown sewer needs to ensure they sew enough crowns and pass them to the decorator in a timely manner.



Crown Decorator (1 position)

This person will be in charge of decorating all the crowns for the children’s birthdays throughout the year. The Teachers recognize each child on or near their birthday and it is a fun ICP tradition. Receives pre-sewn crowns from Crown Sewers and decorates felt birthday crowns (one per child) and delivers to teacher at the beginning of the month.

*Affinity for BLING and DAZZLE a plus!

Torquoise Paper Structures
LogoFinal_Kirkland_color - whales only.png
Concrete Wall


This person is responsible for ensuring that ICP is in compliance with Shoreline CC’s health and safety requirements. This position creates a safe and prepared environment at school by keeping first aid supplies and health information accessible to families. They will keep emergency supplies updated (i.e., first aid box) and properly stored, making sure emergency exits are clear and that evacuation plan/checklist is by exits. They will conduct quarterly room safety checks and meet twice a year with ICP teachers to review emergency preparedness requirements and strategies. They will schedule emergency drills as needed and must become familiar with the Safety Checklist from the Risk Management manual.


*Attends church building meetings & annual health & safety meeting (held 1st quarter) to ensure compliance w/SCC Preschools.

Cleaning Coordinator

This person will work with Teachers Denise and Ashley to organize the various yearly group cleanings. Cleanings are mandatory and an important part of keeping our school functional and sanitary and strengthens our relationship with the Church. The cleanings include the classroom setup, fall and spring outdoor cleanings (with road clean up), mid-year cleaning, and end of year cleanup. They will help schedule participants, keep track of who has fulfilled their obligations, work with the Teachers to make to-do lists and physically help coordinate at the cleanings. This person will also check bathrooms weekly to make sure they are well stocked, clean air filters, and maintain the vacuum.

Cleaning Products
Crown Cake
Playing with Wooden Toys

Dramatic Play (3 Positions: 1 Lead, 2 Assistants)

This dynamic team is responsible for creating a fun and educational dramatic play area that changes with the monthly themes. A well planned and interesting dramatic play theme is always a highlight for the children each month. We encourage this team to use inspiration and props from years past.


*Changes/additions to the dramatic play area are done the first week of every month. Prefer someone from each class.

Excursions and Incursions Coordinator (1 position)

This person is responsible for coordinating and scheduling all class field trips and in-class visits. This is a fun, educational, and also mandatory part of our school curriculum. They are responsible for researching possibilities and calling to set up arrangements. They will be responsible for processing payments. They will create and distribute field trip information and directions to Class Coordinators before the last week of the month. Collects parent feedback on completed field trips and shares this info with the Teachers. Writes thank you notes for companies that provided free excursions.

Field Trip

Social Media (1 position)

In partnership with the Marketing Chair(s), this person will oversee ICP's social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, etc..

Laundry Rockstar (1 position)

This person is responsible for removing soiled towels twice a week, cleaning them, and returning them by your next class session. Towels should be picked up on either Tuesday or Wednesday and ALWAYS on Friday. This is to avoid the wet and dirty towels from sitting over the weekend.


*Great position for a 2/3 parent who participates in Friday class.

Folded Towels
Colorful Play Dough

Playdough Maker (1 position)

This person is responsible for making sure that the preschool has fresh handmade playdough every two weeks throughout the year, and ensures that the playdough toys are organized and cleaned monthly.


*The shape cutters and rolling pins must be cleaned and organized once a month.

Toy/Dish Washer (1 position)

This person is responsible for sanitizing the various toys, kitchen items and small manipulatives in the classroom throughout the year. The toy washer will work with the Cleaning Coordinator to track items that have been taken home for washing.


Weekly, they will take home one bin or group of items and wash (in dishwasher or hot, soapy water) toys, kitchen items or other small manipulatives specified by the Cleaning Coordinator. Ideally the items would be returned the following week. Collect toys that are out (food, cars, etc) and swap with clean toys (once a month).

Folded Towels
Reading in Tent
Reading in Tent

Yearbook Lead (1 position)

This person is responsible for coordinating with other committee/board positions as needed to assemble the final yearbook. In partnership with ICP parents, this person is responsible for taking pictures of the classes throughout the year and creating a space for parents to upload photos of each class, such as Google Photos. They then will work to create a digitally-produced yearbook offered for sale at the end of the school year. They will gets bids (3) for yearbook production (TreeRing has been a success in recent years). They will take care of the classroom digital camera (downloading pictures, charging batteries, etc.). *The camera should be checked at least weekly.

Garden & Outdoor Coordinator (1 position)

This individual will create a watering schedule for the summer and help with any class gardening projects throughout the year.


*Every month they will stock shed with fun outdoor play items and communicate with class coordinators about new materials.

Community Garden
Reading in Tent
Confetti Party

Party Planner/Fundraising Assistant (2 positions)

The party planners are responsible for leading, planning and implementation of the Back to School Picnic (Saturday Sept 10), Fall Festival (Saturday Oct 15) and the end of year Pre-K Celebration (Thursday May 25).



In addition, the assistants are responsible for assisting the Fundraising Chair(s) on all fundraising activities, including various fundraisers throughout the school year and the annual auction. Some activities require in-person coordination of specific fundraisers to classes during daytime hours. The fundraising assistants are also each responsible for the coordination and execution of one social outreach activity (examples: The Giving Tree, Hope Link, NW Harvest, and Eastside Baby Corner). The assistants represent their respective classes while reporting to the Fundraising Chair(s) and acting as liaisons to their classes.


*Parents from 2/3 & 3/4 preferred

Science/Sensory Bins (2 positions: 1 wet sensory & 1 dry sensory)

These positions are responsible for brainstorming, creating and filling the wet and dry sensory bins the first week of every month to coincide with the monthly curriculum themes. They will brainstorm to come up with ideas that relate to the themes and to introduce scientific concepts to children in a hands-on way and/or may be asked to implement the Teacher’s ideas.


*Wet Sensory may be 2x per month

Preschool Science Class
Reading in Tent

Library & Puzzles Coordinator (1 position)

This person is responsible for management and repair of puzzles and writing table instruments. This keeps our library interesting and fresh each month for the children, and keeps it in sync with the monthly themes. The first week of the month, they will need to exchange puzzles and books from the classroom for new ones from the Teacher’s office, and add items according to monthly curriculum themes. They will also check out books from the King County Library.


*This person MUST have a library card.

Arts and Crafts (1 position)

This person will set up, organize, and maintain arts & crafts supplies. This job is extremely helpful throughout the year to ensure that items are found easily and supplies are not wasted or exhausted. They will need to come to the class biweekly outside of class hours for a total of approximately 2 hours/month. Please fill glue containers once a week.

*Making play dough and cutting shapes are not part of this job.

Art Class
Reading in Tent
White Scissors

Shape Cutter (1 position)

This person is responsible for cutting construction paper shapes for the shape drawer located in the Arts & Crafts station that will enhance the monthly theme and related projects (e.g. cutting out hearts at home for Valentine’s Day).

*50 large shapes will need to be cut by the first of every month.


In addition, this person will assist teacher(s) if they need help with bulletin board or displaying art work.

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