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Amanda Stuckey

Amanda Stuckey an ICP Alumni says, A neighbor and friend

recommended Inglemoor Cooperative Preschool to my husband and I when our son was 2.5 and ready for a preschool experience. She had gone there with her own son many years before and knew we were in need of a community of families in a similar life stage.

She also knew we wanted to be involved in his early childhood education and that learning through play was at the forefront of our minds.

ICP was everything we'd hoped for and more. Over the years, we developed relationships with other families that have persisted well beyond the preschool years. Our daughter also attended ICP, providing me with many opportunities to serve the CoOp community in a variety of ways. I had the privilege to serve on the ICP Board as CoChair, 3s/4s Class Coordinator and CoFundraising Chair over the course of our time there. Each role allowed

me to connect with the CoOp community on a deeper level and support our wonderful teachers in a very meaningful way. Serving on the Board also prepared me for confident PTSA involvement once we entered our elementary years.

Both my children and our family flourished while at and in large part because of InglemoorCooperative Preschool!

Amanda Stuckey
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