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Sushmita Srikant

Sushmita, our Marketing Chair says, "I discovered ICP for my older son when he was 2. As a first time parent I was looking for a community of families and teachers to lean on and show me the ropes on navigating parenthood and dealing with big emotions. I was also looking for a warm, big space for him to explore with lots of creative sensory and art activities. ICP was all that and more!

The parent ed talks were so memorable and useful over the years. When I came back to ICP 5 years later, with my younger son starting Toddler class , I decided to give back and take on more responsibility by joining our Board as his class Coordinator, and take a huge step in my personal growth as well. My younger son now in the 2s class asks to go to school everyday and looks forward to seeing Teachers Ashley and Denise. They both hold a very special place in his heart and the songs he sings at school are his favorites! I see a huge growth in him especially when it comes to making friends in class and learning English as it is not his spoken language at home.

I want to add that ICP makes every kiddo's birthday celebration a very special one to remember! ICP is the absolute, best first preschool for both my kids!"

Sushmita Srikant
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